Dies ist die offizielle Homepage der Arbeitsgruppe CT der DGK-DVG.


Die Arbeitsgruppe hatte ihre Gründungsversammlung am 24.09.2011 in Göttingen.

Ziel der Arbeitsgruppe ist die Organisation wissenschaftlicher Tagungen zum Thema Computertomographie in der Kleintiermedizin, Förderung der Wissenschaft sowie die Förderung der Anwendung von CT Untersuchungen in der tierärztlichen Praxis (Geschäftsordnung).


CT User Meetings


Liebe Mitglieder,

wir freuen uns Ihnen in diesem Jahr wieder ein CT-User-Präsenz-Meeting in gewohnter Form anbieten zu können, sofern es die COVID-19 Situation auch im Winter noch zulässt!

Wir sind guter Dinge und voller Vorfreude möglichst viele von Ihnen im Dezember zum 10. CT-User Meeting der AG CT und zum 3. Internationalen CT-User Meeting in Ghent/Belgien begrüßen zu können. 


Termine: 02.12. bis 03.12.2022

Veranstaltungsort: Augustinerkloster Ghent, Belgien

Kongressprache: Englisch

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung unter: www.CT-User.be



Both Large and Small Animals


Artificial Intelligence, visions of the future

Brain CT vs MRI in men

PACS and viewers

Picture archiving, DICOM and PACS-solutions

Development & evaluation of 3D patient specific models

Optimal surgical planning through virtual reality & AI


More options then Computer Tomography in thoracic and orthopaedic diseases and in the patient with endocrine dysfunction?




Thoracic Computed Tomographic Angiography

Echocardiography vs CT - Is there a reason to do both?

Pulmonary CT - Is it giving us all the answers?



Stifle disorders : which modality when?



Thyroid glands

Why CT is value in the evaluation of the pancreas?

Computer Tomography in abdominal and neurological diseases, compared to other modalities 




Gastrointestinal tract - What can we learn from an intravenous and oral CT contrast study after we did an ultrasound? 

CT in genito-urinary imaging

PCT of portosystemic shunts: hot or not? Compared to other modalities

Hepatic ultrasonography vs computed tomography in tumor staging



MRI vs CT in spinal disorders

Imaging peripheral nerves

Preferred modality to examine the brain: CT vs MRI?

Wetlab : Case discussion

Research Award



Computer Tomography of the Head


Imaging the equine head : CT or MRI?

Imaging the brain, CT?!

Vestibuar syndrome, cranial nerves deficits, what to choose - Pro’s & Con’s, CT vs MRI

Imaging TMJ, tympani bull and guttural pouches : CT or MRI?

Sino-nasal disorders : CT vs other modalities

Equine teeth problems : CT vs other modalities

CT applications in the cervical spine and in orthopaedic disease


The use of cervical radiographs as a primary imaging modality

Possibilities and limitations of CT of the cervical spine, including CT myelography

Standing CT in equine limb disease

CT vs MRI for evaluating osseous pathology

CT vs MRI for evaluating ligament and tendinous structures

Visibility of equine cartilage, is CT the solution?

Wetlab / Film reading

Research Award




How to manage & manipulate the visual appearance of images produced by a CT machine

Scanning very small regions : what about kVp and mAs? Is there a specific reconstruction algoritm or image filter?

What do you need to know about brain CT?

Care and cleaning of my CT device, daily maintenance to avoid damage

Communication with tele-radiology service

Cervical CT in equine : technique & anatomy quiz

Biopsy equipment, what do we need and maintenance

Wetlab cross sectional anatomy


Research Award

The aim of the Workgroup ComputedTomography of the German Veterinary Association DVG is among others the promotion of scientific studies and publications in thefield of computed tomography. 

For this purpose, the AG-CT will present a research award during the CT-User Meeting 2022 in Ghent,Belgium.

Applicantsfor the Research Award submit a published research on the subject of computertomography in small animal and large animal medicine.

Requirements for the Research Award:


Candidate and submitter: author (primary or co-author) of an alreadypublished or accepted publication in a research veterinary medicine journal. (Journalwith peer review process).

Topic related to CT with clinical relevance to small and largeanimal medicine

Language: English

Publication period: 2020-2022. A (co-) author of the group must be a member of the AG-CT

Experimental or clinical research will be favoured before caseseries, individual case reports and literature review articles


Research Award:

One winner will be selected from thesubmissions and will be invited to give a lecture at the CT-User Meeting 2022 in Ghent, Belgium and will receive a free congress registration, an invitationto the congress dinner and a cheque of 500 euro.

Sequence and selection:


Submission of abstracts and published work as PDF by mail to: Ingrid.Gielen@Ugent.be


Deadline: 6 October 2022

Nomination by a scientific committee

Presentation of the three-selected researches in a 15-minutepresentation by the award winner at the CT-User Meeting 2022

The award ceremony will take place during the congress dinner 

Call for Posters


Did you come across an interesting case where CTcontributed to the diagnosis and that you would like to share and discuss withother meeting attendees? Why not present your case in the 10th CT-user meetingPoster Session? 

If you do, you will receive a free ticket for the eveningdinner and you can win an attractive award.

If you would like to present a poster please prepare asmall abstract and fill in the appropriate form on the website http://www.ct-user.be as from 30th August.

The deadline is 1st November 2022; after the deadline applications will no longer beaccepted.

A scientific committee with members of the “ArbeitsgruppeCTder DGK-DVG” will review all submissions and notify you. During the ClosingSession, an Award for Best Poster will be given.


Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung unter: www.CT-User.be